Reddit RSS Feeds limit

What are RSS feeds and why you need them

You don’t know? Seriously? How did you end up here? :)

How to get your RSS feed

To get straight to the point, just add .rss to the end of almost any reddit URL. Comments, Posts, Links, etc.


That is it!

My Feed reader is rejecting reddit urls!


RSS feed is spammy!

Ye what did you expect? ;)

You can sort by Top, New, Hot, Rising, or Controversial, and then add .rss to the end of the URL!


In case you want to also filter by time, (example: top of this week), add .rss before the filter.


Dude, even top of the week is A LOT! How do I get the top 25 posts?

Here is where the limit query comes into play, you can add a limit query as so limit=25. Take a note how two queries are separted by an ampersand, &. (in this case, two queries are t=week and limit=25)


I want search results, not just subreddits

Yeah just do the same with normal subreddit urls, do the search and add .rss at the end. (not really at then, add it before the ?!)